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  1. Dear Mrs. Oana Popescu
    Your concert today in Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zurich was an excellent performance. I enjoyed it very much, from a good seat, with best view to you as the pianist and on your fingers. It was very impressive how you played all music from memory. It is a result of much and hard work. I write this review in a good mood and it is a pleasure for me to announce that I will surely visit your recitals in the future. I wish you all the best and much success in the world of piano music. Kind regards

  2. Dear Oana,

    Congratulations on your concert last Sunday, it was wonderful. You were superb and I felt so inspired that when I got home I just wanted to play. Thank you for sharing with us the beauty of music. Warm regards, Jennifer

  3. Dear Oana

    I was at Your Performance in Zürich shortly. I enjoyed it a lot and was amazed how fast times goes by. Impressing, lovely, sensitive. Hope to see You again in December.


  4. Dear Oana,
    Your piano solo on the 29th October at Zunfthaus zur Waag was spectacular! It was an absolute pleasure for us to watch you perform. You have a real gift and talent and you definitely captivated the audience. I’m really glad that my daughter, Nora, has you as her piano teacher. Thanks once again for the invitation and allowing us to take part in your recital. We look forward to watching you perform again in the future.
    All the best,

  5. What a treat to my ears…

    Attending the audience at the Zunfthaus zur Waage in Zürich I did witness the most amazing piano recital ever!

    Oana is among the most capable pianists of the first century in the 3rd millennium!

    She is a diamond in her personality and as a musician.

    Thank you Oana for nourishing our cultural environment on such a high level.

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