piano playing is an amazing activity. apart from offering you joy, it may also boost your memory, stimulate attention and concentration, power of association, perseverance and efficiency in learning, may sharpen your sensitivity to sound, fine motor control and complex coordination skills, and spur your creative thought.

my piano lessons are based on the classical repertoire and music theory, and address to all levels. i like coaching for public appearances such as piano competitions or recitals and i offer boutique management for students. in the same time, i am happy to be a guide in music and instrument learning therapy. since 2017 i am a smpv member and teaching in zurich at maennedorf music school. 

for applying and further inquiries, please read terms and conditions and leave a message . thank you for your interest!

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  1. Oana has been an inspiring piano teacher for both my sons for many years! Actually, I think they mainly played because of her! Her passion for music was so obvious and it was always present in her way of teaching – full of energy, surprise, fun and lots of discipline. She tried to provoke in order to achieve great results. I see these character treats also in Oana herself. She is ambitious, pushing herself to be the best version of herself she can possibly be. We all admire her!

  2. Really enjoy piano lessons with Oana. Her constructive feedback as well as her enthusiasm really motivates me to play and, more importantly, to grow. Oana is patient and tries her best to make you learn as much as possible. The music she plays is really very nice. Happy to have her as my piano teacher!

  3. Mon piano s’est quasiment tu pendant plus de 40 ans pour des raisons professionnelles. Il y a quelques années, l’envie de retrouver ce merveilleux instrument m’a reprise. Lorsque j’ai eu la chance qu’Oana me soit recommandée, je fus immédiatement convaincue par son style d’enseignement. J’apprécie le travail que nous faisons ensemble et, même si je n’ai de loin pas (encore) retrouvé le niveau atteint en quittant le conservatoire, Oana me guide intelligemment avec ses exigences concernant le doigté, ses conseils judicieux sur la position des mains et des doigts selon le compositeur, et la façon d’apprendre plus efficacement.
    De plus, elle m’accompagne souvent en chantant la mélodie de sa voix harmonieuse. Les leçons sont intenses et d’une grande richesse.
    Je suis ravie, car elle a accepté de travailler une sonate de Mozart à quatre mains, d’abord ensemble, puis avec l’une de ses élèves.
    De plus, Oana est une merveilleuse pianiste, d’une grande sensibilité et d’une intelligence remarquable.
    Merci Oana pour tout ce que vous me donnez et me poussez à accomplir!

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